Detoxification - Rapid Detox

The rapid detox is formulated especially for those who are addicted to drugs, opium and heroin. This is a method of removing the toxins in the body by a medical treatment performed in the intensive care unit at a hospital. The traditional treatments performed on the persons addicted to these kinds of drugs may produce harmful results in the recovery. Not only the person isn't cured, but he may be left with immense pain on the way to complete recovery.

For this reason, rapid detox is employed and effective. The most famous and efficient in the rapid method is the waismann method. It is also well known in the names of Neuro-regulation methods. It often performed in an intensive care unit.

The person who is addicted to the opium or heroin is subjected to cleansing of the opiate present in the neurons of the brain. At the time of cleansing, the anesthesia given to the patient makes him unconscious, so that he doesn't have a glimpse of what had happened. The patient can return home in few days after the cleansing is over.

This method proves to be effective in 70 percent of people who got the opiate cleansed by the waismann method, never thinking of drugs for a complete year.

The traditional treatments were not able to remove the patient's intense desire for the consumption of drugs. Hence the Waismann method not only cures the patient, but also makes him a drug free person.

The Waismann method of rapid detox is a painless and effective method.

Anand Ikav is an author living in India. He is an expert in detox for hypertensive patients and you can learn a lot from his website detox program.