Surviving a Heroin Detox at Home

People who've been victims of drug abuse, addiction or even alcoholism would be able to tell you that getting pass the phase of withdrawal symptoms was the hardest but once that phase had passed, life was better and things got easier. If you're trying to kill a bad opiates addiction and want to survive a heroin detox, know that with the right amount of willpower and effort, you can do it at home. First thing you'd need to do would be to get rid of all drugs and substances that make you chemical dependant from your household. Take out the trash too, because in desperate times, you would be surprised to see that you would be willing to dig in through the trash for a quick fix. Aside from that, look up the internet for withdrawal symptoms. If you want to kill your habits, you'd need to be prepared for all that would come your way and you should be able to fight each challenge without falling apart. Set a week in which you'd like to start over and clear your schedule for that one week. Take off from work, send your kids to the sitters and have the house all to yourself. In this time period, write out your goals, make visualizations and believe in yourself. Then, focus on curing the symptoms you'd be feeling by preparing with over the counter medication like ibuprofen, aspirin, painkillers, sleeping pills and anti-nausea as well. In addition, there is no harm in preparing hot baths for yourself with bath salts and going for frequent massages through this week. These little self pampering activities would not only soothe your body from all the symptoms, it would also take your mind off things and help you relax. To sum it up, you can hold yourself together, just stay focus and be dedicated.

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