What is Heroin Addiction Treatment Like?

There are a variety of different methods for treating a person with an addiction to heroin. The treatment for addiction to heroin is most effective if a person admits to the problem early on before serious complications and negative consequences develop. The best type of treatment is the one which will treat the person as well as the addiction simultaneously.

The primary goal of a detoxification facility is to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms a person suffers when heroin is discontinued. While detoxification is not a "treatment" so to speak, it is often used in conjunction with other methods to rid the addict of the toxins heroin leaves in the body. Detox is only a step in the treatment process, but necessary for the long-term success of rehabilitation.

Other methods used to treat heroin addiction include either an inpatient or outpatient program, depending upon individual circumstances and the needs of the patient. After making the decision to enroll in a drug treatment center, the substance abuser receives intensive and aggressive treatment coupled with much needed medical care. It is important for a person to get professional help because attempting to beat an addiction to heroin alone is foolish and almost always results in failure.

While in treatment, the heroin addict also receives behavioral and life-skills therapies designed to address the quality of life the client will have once rehabilitation and treatment are completed. Working with a counselor and licensed therapist in a one-on-one setting allows an addict to learn interpersonal and communication skills, positive coping mechanisms and other important tools which will be needed for life outside of the rehab center.

Medical science has now recognized addiction for the illness it truly is. Drugs change the chemistry and structure of the human brain which makes addiction a brain disease. An addict uses drugs because of the way it makes them feel and over time dependency and tolerance can rise to dangerous and even lethal levels. People are unable to resist or control drug cravings, seeking and using are all the person thinks about and the compulsion takes over everything that a person values in life. Without professional treatment, a person with an addiction to heroin will do whatever necessary to be able to use, not caring who they hurt in the process.

Long-term therapy is necessary if a person is to give up an addiction to heroin permanently. Through therapy a client learns new behaviors designed to help them resist the compulsion to use drugs, however unless the person is completely serious and committed, addiction will never end. There is no blanket treatment for heroin addiction, the plan should be tailored to meet the needs of the patient and be evaluated and modified through the treatment process as the condition of the client changes.

Once treatment has been completed, a person who has received the proper treatment will be able to maintain a lifetime commitment to being clean and sober. Professional drug treatment centers are often the key for a person to be successful at beating an addition to heroin and going on to lead a better life.

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