What You Should Know About Opiate Treatment and Detox

If you are addicted to opiates of some sort, such as prescription pain pills or street drugs like heroin, then you should know some things about opiate treatment in general before you try to get clean. Certainly you will want to make a huge effort to get clean as soon as possible, but you want to do it in a way that will lead you to lasting recovery. It does not do much good to clean up, only to stumble into a relapse shortly thereafter.

The preferred method of getting clean from opiates for most people is to check into a drug rehab. This is ideal for a number of reasons. First of all, if you do anything else, you are going to be on the outside and temptation to relapse will be much greater. In a rehab setting you will not have quick access to drugs, so it is going to be much easier for you to stay clean for a few weeks.

Second of all, if you go to inpatient rehab, you will have support from other people who are going through the same struggle you are. This is a much bigger help than most people anticipate, and can really make a huge difference. Finally, one of the biggest pluses for going to rehab is that they will be able to give you a medical detox, in which you will probably be given medication that will seriously curtail your withdrawal symptoms. This alone should be worth the price of admission for almost any opiate addict who is struggling to get clean.

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