So You've Detoxed Your Body Now What About Your Mind?

We desperately need to pay close attention to simple body detoxification as the Earth's atmosphere becomes steadily more polluted. Despite the best efforts of individuals and groups and even some governments, the pollution is not going to get any better anytime soon. We need to be more cautious and also more aware of the inherent dangers brought on by, well, just living.

Initially we have to comprehend exactly how these poisons which are pervading our space are going to affect our mind, organs and senses. There can often be dramatic effects, sometimes dangerous and even deadly, and they differ from person to person. What has no significant effect on one can kill another.

Non physical toxicity can definitely have a severe effect on the mind. Generally we tend to consider "toxic" substances as being purely physical. For example heroin and the like. Consider that nowadays in our high paced life we are inundated with all manner of mental toxicants such as excessive greed, the covetousness for material things, the unnatural desire to be like a film or rock star. When the mind realizes we can't have, or be, these things extreme mental anguish can manifest itself in many ways. This can even lead to breaking the law, ending up in prison or even the loss of ones own life. Extreme it certainly is.

Now consider our internals. The old saying of "the bodies a temple" and so on is so true. What goes in has a direct result on our short and, even more importantly, our long term health. Most people of learning, (doctors and scientists), are agreed that most food today can be classified as junk. Very little in the way of vitamins, fibre and the good stuff but mainly easily digestible, eat on the run, salt and fat laden produce from offal developed by a computer and an accountant. This junk is making our organs work extremely hard because there is nothing to help them do their job. A bit like putting water instead of oil into a car. It will work in the extreme short term but the engine isn't nearly as efficient, is not getting the correct lubrication and will need to see a doctor, (mechanic), providing we have realized there is something wrong before the engine just fails.

Household goods like the air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc., emit gases and electromagnetic waves that can seriously affect the body.

It is becoming more and more apparent that food is not grown or reared anymore. In fact most would be difficult to class as food rather mass produced filler with chemicals and fertilizers. Throw in some artificial colouring together with a hint of artificial flavoring and we have a diet that makes our internal organs work hard enough to collapse. What can we expect if we run the most complex piece of machinery on the planet, who only wants a touch of fibre and a few minerals and vitamins available naturally, on starch, filler, salt and fat? Good health comes with good food.